The 2020 US presidential race enters its final stage with only 6 weeks left until Election Day. This means the betting markets, still quite undecided, will witness more action than ever as the electoral debates scheduled for this coming month begin to take place. Expect odds to shift on a daily basis.

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Betting markets not confident Trump can win next week’s presidential debate of September 29

This is the first big market on a Presidential debate and therefore the one who has seen the most betting action during this past week.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden is the clear favorite on William Hill’s ‘1st US Presidential Debate Winner’ at odds 1.36, while Donald Trump remains at… odds 3.00!

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Political punters have been slightly one sided when they started placing their first wagers a few days ago. Odds initially set for both candidates have swung notably within hours.

The William Hill market kicked off with odds 1.50 for Joe Biden and 2.50 for Donald Trump last Monday, so that if the current trend continues we’ll probably see truly disproportionate numbers on both sides heading into next week.

The main reason for this extreme favoritism of Joe Biden, who didn’t have an outstanding performance in any of the Democratic nomination debates, is none other than the market outcome will be decided by the CNN Snap Poll result, a media platform that doesn't keep a very tight relationship with President Trump, as you probably know by now.

Will Trump and his debate skills be able to overcome the supposed left-bias of the media on which the betting market’s result depends? Bet on it and triple your money (maybe more soon!) this weekend. Do you trust Biden to win according to CNN? The more you wait, the lower his odds could be!

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Good luck and stay tuned - the odds are swinging!

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