The 2020 US presidential race enters its final stage with only 20 days left until Election Day. This means the betting markets will witness more action than ever as the latest rallies begin to take place and the final debate scheduled for next week approaches. Expect odds to shift on a daily basis.

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Trump odds lengthen as bettors finally begin to back Biden

With 3 weeks to go to the highly anticipated election, most UK bookmakers and exchanges agree: Joe Biden is now at his shortest odds to win the presidency so far this campaign.

Following an eventful week, Donald Trump's chance of holding on to the Oval office after 2020 dropped over the weekend from nearly 40% to 36%. William Hill’s ‘2020 US Presidential Election’ market is currently setting a Trump re-election at odds 7/4 (2.75)!

Democratic candidate Joe Biden meanwhile, has seen his chance expand to nearly 70% after the latest events and boost from October polls, especially in key swing states. The former Vice president is currently set at odds 4/9 (1.44) to win the presidency according to William Hill.

This is a case of once bitten twice shy with the oddsmakers who are only now beginning to give Biden a significant edge despite his substantial lead in the polls. Remember that at this stage in 2016 Hillary was an unbackable 1/7 (1.14) while polling similar numbers, so it’s fair to say that the bookies are hesitant to write off President Trump’s chances after his backers took them to the cleaners 4 years ago.

You think Biden’s odds are still a good deal then? The more you wait, the lower profit could be! Can 2016 happen again? Bet on Trump now and almost triple your money, or wait a bit longer if you think odds can wide even more…

Whatever it may be, good luck and stay tuned - betting markets are heating up!

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