The 2020 US presidential race enters its last stages with only 5 weeks left for Election Day. This means the betting markets, still pretty undecided, will witness more action than ever as the electoral debates scheduled for this coming month begin to take place, with odds shifting probably on a daily basis.

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Uncertainty Seizes The 2020 US election: UK Betting Markets Halted

We have had a week full of movements within the presidential election winner markets. Leading bookies such as William Hill or Betfred had been cutting the odds for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, set around 1.6 at the end of Thursday on both platforms, implying more than a 60% probability of him being the new president after November.

Donald Trump's odds of being re-elected president reached 2.5 on William Hill after his image was damaged due to the recent tax fraud allegations and a rough and a chaotic first debate performance on Tuesday.

Another weekend full of political betting action was expected, but early news from the White House today changed everything: President Trump announced that he and the First Lady had tested positive for Covid-19. They had both been in contact with an Adviser team member who contracted the disease, Hope Hicks.

Despite the fact that the Republican candidate has assured he’s feeling well and his recovery process will begin today, practically all the 2020 election betting markets were suspended immediately in the UK. Bookies are expected to announce more in the next few hours, but not much more is known so far.

After the President’s announcement, eyes quickly turned into those who could have contact with him during the last week. Both Republican VP Mike Pence and Joe Biden, as well as their respective wives, have all tested negative after receiving their results this afternoon.

The Guesser team would like to wish President Trump and First Lady Melania a speedy recovery. We'll be back to action in the markets soon!

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