The 2020 US presidential race enters its last stages with only 5 weeks left for Election Day. This means the betting markets, still pretty undecided, will witness more action than ever as the electoral debates scheduled for this coming month begin to take place, with odds shifting probably on a daily basis.

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Presidential Election Odds React To Trump's Alleged Tax Fraud

The betting markets had Joe Biden as favorite re-election for weeks, and the last report released by The New York Times this weekend has only emphasized this position. The paper claims that the current US President has paid no federal income tax at all in 10 of the previous 15 years, and just $750 in the two most recent years of the Times’ probe – 2016 and 2017.

As expected, reactions in most of the online bookmakers were immediate: William Hill and Betfred markets cut Joe Biden’s odds of becoming next US President to 1.73, which implies he’s now got a 58% chance of winning the election. Trump’ odds currently stand at 2.1 on both sites.

So far, Donald Trump has dismissed these allegations as “totally fake news”. It’s expected that news arising around this exclusive report, as well as the performance of both candidates in the coming debates, could shift even more the presidential winner odds during this last month of the race.

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Biden Remains Clear Favorite To Win The First Presidential Debate Today

Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Trump will face off in their first presidential debate tonight. Two more debates are scheduled this October, but the result of this initial showdown, that will have the President’s tax fraud allegations and his recent and controversial Supreme Court pick as main topics, could set the betting market’s trend for the rest of the campaign.

As we told you in our first Political Bet Of The Week, the ‘1st US Presidential Debate Winner’ market available on William Hill saw a lot of action during the last days, setting a clear advantage for Joe Biden after the last swing in odds.

Only a few hours left before the start of the debate, and the Democratic nominee is still at odds 1.36, which implies a 74% chance of winning this first round, result according to the CNN Snap Poll result. Donald Trump remains at odds 3.00 to win the debate moderated by Fox News.

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