With variety being the spice of life more important than ever in the current climate, Political and topical Novelty betting aims to cover the bases admirably once more.

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 The demolition job carried out on the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, during the last week was hardly a fitting analogy for the days that proceeded it. With the US Senate acquitting President Trump in their impeachment trial, this Political Joe was half expecting to see some form of orange Phoenix arise from the pile of rubble holding a Trump 2024 banner aloft!

As was the general market expectation, the Senate confirmed what everybody was expecting and gave Donald Trump a pass. Opening up the prospect that his 2024 'We will be back in some form' wasn't just a throw away remark. Paddy Power & Betfair both cut Donald Trump back into 9/1 (10%) on the back of support post the Senate news. Meanwhile Donald Trump Jr has appeared on a Smarkets prop at even money (50%) for him to run in the 2022 Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary. The Trump name is here to stay when it comes to US Politics.

US Presidential Election 2024 Latest Odds

Not wanting to forget sitting president Joe Biden, Paddy Power are following his every move with their approval rating markets (referencing the FiveThirtyEight tracker) . Their day 35 line sits at 54.5 and seems a fair number. His administration are without a faux pas since he took office and it has very much been steady as she goes. The only slight blemish being a deputy press secretary resignation which was dealt with swiftly and cleanly unlike similar scenarios from the last 4 years. Smarkets focus on the 100 day approval rating market sees 50-54.9% now even money (50%) favourite. The original favoured selection of 55-59.9% highlights the struggle of the ongoing pandemic and has now drifted all the way out to 7/4 (36%)! Looking at similar in the UK, Boris Johnson is charging when it comes to his approval rating. The latest Paddy Power line for his YouGov March number is 42.5%. Getting vaccines in arms definitely winning the day when it comes to public sentiment.

Joe Biden First 35 Days Approval Rating Odds

With news that Tesla were to accept Bitcoin as payment for their cars the value has started to surge once more. Betfair have produced a line for the March 1st closing price of over/under $55,000 USD with current support for the over value at 4/11 (73%) after the cryptocurrency hit a new record high in Sunday trade. The more cynical out there might think that Elon Musk has a vested interest in the asset they way his passing remarks and actions appear to influence the price so significantly!

There are also plenty of cynics about when it comes to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Having wanted to step away from their Royal Family duties and live their own lives as privately as possible, they then go and announce their second pregnancy to the world. Baby Name markets are big business when it comes to novelty betting with everybody having an opinion. With it yet to be confirmed, Paddy Power & Betfair bet 10/11 (52%) it's a boy or a girl. As a result the list of names is lengthy with selections at the top of the market to be expected, Diana & Arthur 10/1 (9%). Given the couples willingness to break from royal traditions there's sure to be a little more value further down the list for this Political Joe!

Harry and Meghan's Second Child Name Odds

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