When exploring any political betting market listed on Guesser, you’ll find an odds format that may not be familiar with you: Decimal (also known as European). This is simply another way of presenting the chances of an event occurring and hold no difference in terms of payouts with any other odds format.

Let’s explain how they work!

How much money can you win with a Decimal multiplier?

Decimal odds are the most popular format when placing a bet along Europe. It represents the amount of money one wins for every pound (or whatever your currency) bet. The bigger decimal odds an outcome has the lower the probability that it will happen and the larger possible payout. If an outcome is at odds 1.5, you will 1.5x your money if that outcome wins.

[ £ Bet * Decimal Odds = £ Payout ]

Example 1

  • £100 bet
  • Odds 2.5
  • Payout = £100 * 2.5 = £250

Example 2

  • £500 bet
  • Odds 3.7
  • Payout = £500 * 3.7 = £1.850

Following the example of betting on Donald Trump to be re-elected president in the next 2020 US election, let’s say you opt to place your bet on William Hill, which offers the highest multiplier at the moment.

Assuming your stake is, for example, £200, your payout resolves:

£200 * 2.1 = £420 payout

Remember the payout shown on these bookies includes your original stake, so your profits would be:

£420 - £200 = £220 profit

This is all, that simple! We hope this explanation has been helpful. Now you’re better suited than ever to start making money with the political events of the moment. Good luck!