Nigel Farage takes aim at Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen after placing £10k on his 'best pal' Donald to win this Tuesday's election.

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Nigel Farage has branded Joe Biden 'a dumb bet', after himself placing £10k on Donald Trump to win the US election with the political betting website, Guesser.

Mr Brexit aimed the barb at Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, in a video released on his Twitter account last Friday, a direct response to Cohen staking $10k on Biden a week ago.

Farage joined his 'best pal', Trump, on stage at a rally in Arizona on Thursday, branding POTUS 'the single most resilient and bravest person I have ever met in my life.'

But it isn't Farage's love-in with Trump that convinced him to back the President. As he explains in the video, Farage is anticipating a repeat of 2016 when the Republican candidate upset the odds...

"Trump's got the momentum, we know what happened in 2016. Joe Biden's odds have been about 2/1 but I think that's a very dumb bet from Michael Cohen.
Biden is hiding, not even taking press questions because he doesn't want anything about Hunter, his son, and the money he made to come out.
If I was setting the odd's I'd have this race at EVENS. I repeat, Biden is a dumb bet."

Farage has previous in backing the right horse, after placing a chunky bet on Brexit back in 2016 at 3/1 (25%) and 4/1 (20%), and another bet on Trump to win the Presidency the same year at 5/2  (29%).

Cohen and Farage are two of the most controversial characters in this crazy election campaign, but Cohen is convinced on the outcome of the election, as he explained in his exclusive interview with Guesser a few days ago...

"It’s a combination of Joe’s likability versus Trump’s divisiveness, ignorance and arrogance.
Through his mishandling of a multitude of issues including COVID-19, Trump has lost the silent majority in the US; even some in the Midwest States where he won by double digits in 2016. He will be the loser.
Donald J. Trump cares for no one or anything other than himself.”

Both personalities have already put their money where their mouth is and are excitedly waiting for their predictions to come true. Now we just have to wait for what American voters have to say tomorrow.

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